DUNK hits order milestone

DUNK hits order milestone


We’re very excited to share that we passed a major milestone at the end of September, having processed order number #10,000.

Importantly, a meaningful THANK YOU to every single person who has trusted us with an order – big or small – from day dot until now. Your business has helped us continue to grow year after year, and for that we’re grateful. Significantly to us, we’ve built excellent relationships, made rad jerseys and been involved in a bunch of cool things.

As a hard-working small business, acknowledging that we’ve ticked past ten thousand different orders is rewarding. DUNK essentially started in 2004 as a humble garage operation. We’re now at a point nineteen years later where we have a firm footing with a professional workshop each in Brisbane and Vietnam. We stand behind our exceptionally skilled staff and the hard yards they put in through different facets of the business, and the direction of DUNK moving forward is extremely bright.

Proud achievement aside, on to other things.

We can confirm that we’ll be operational during the upcoming Xmas | New Year period, although both workshops will be subject to reduced staffing levels. Any order confirmed between Wednesday 13th December 2023 – Wednesday 10th January 2024 will be subject to a four week turnaround. Following this, our turnarounds will revert to a sharp three weeks.

Following feedback from valued clients, we’re also currently refining our round neck jersey cut to further improve fit and look. This will be available and in use at the start of the new year.

Finally we’d like to expand briefly on a question we’re often asked – what’s the difference between orders from your Brisbane and Vietnam workshops?

The honest answer: not much! If we were to put a jersey from each side by side, you wouldn’t notice the difference. Both products feature the same exceptional quality, workmanship and attention to detail.

From a business standpoint however, orders made in Vietnam are turned around sooner due to a larger production team being available, and the pricing is a little cheaper with respect to reduced labour costs. All orders made in Vietnam arrive to our Brisbane workshop in weekly scheduled shipments.

Questions? Feedback? Something else big or small? We invite you to call us during business hours for a quick chat on 07 32 666 235 or email 24/7 to info@dunk.com.au

We hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday period! 🙂