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NBA’s best new uniforms of 2015-16

With the 2015-16 NBA race coming to a close, now is the perfect time to reflect on the seasons’ newest and best basketball uniforms.

Let’s take a look at how a pair of DUNK staffers rank them.

Ben @ DUNK

#5 – The Indiana Pacers introduced their ‘Hickory’ uniform in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the film Hoosiers, and will wear these threads during select games for several seasons. I appreciate the basic two-colour design but it’s the contrasting shiny shorts I like most.

Indiana Pacers 2016

#4 – Toronto unveiled a suite of new uniforms at season’s beginning as they continue marketing themselves as the NBA’s lone Canadian club. The clean design sits well with the colour schemes, of which Drake’s black and gold is my pick of the bunch.

Toronto Raptors 2016

#3 – Golden State’s “The City” throwback uniform is acclaimed as one of the NBA’s best-ever designs. Surprisingly the Warriors last wore these in 2006-07 until their re-introduction this season. Blue and gold always work well as a pairing but it’s the uniqueness of the design that holds most appeal.

Golden State Warriors 2016

#2 – Memphis pulled a rabbit out of the hat and debuted these gnarly Memphis Sounds threads for the NBA’s ongoing Hardwood Classics nights. The (kind of) cool story is that these uniforms belonged to a team that lasted a solitary season in the wild days of the ABA, with the ABA/NBA merger going down a season later. The red and white colourway pops well and the fonts fit perfectly. I’m a big fan of these and they are a testament that simpler is often better.

Memphis Grizzlies 2016

#1 – The Atlanta Hawks underwent a complete rebrand this season with polarising design schemes people either loved or hated. I’m all in and I think it’s great Atlanta had the balls to bring these in. Whilst essentially irrelevant to past history, the ‘volt green’ is eye-catching without being garish and the triangle patterning sets the uniforms apart from all others in the league.

Atlanta Hawks 2016

WORST – The Steve Ballmer-owned LA Clippers really dropped the ball when they overhauled their look. Clippers gear has always been bland and uninspiring, but it was difficult to conceive they’d take a further step down. Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas felt similar and ran a contest for followers to create their own concepts, with interesting results.

LA Clippers 2016

Phil @ DUNK

#5 – Ignoring the overwhelming popularity of ‘throwback’ designs, the Atlanta Hawks took a massive step forward with their revamp this season. While not making a massive graphic statement, the colour palette, texture and style are cutting edge.

Atlanta Hawks 2016

#4 – Houston’s Clutch City uniform, which they introduced with a pair of further alternate options. OK, this isn’t the most brilliant design and nobody can convince me that sleeves look good, but I really love the whole Clutch City thing. Throw the Pelicans NOLA uniforms into the same category.

Houston Rockets 2016

#3 – The Memphis Sounds uniform was another retro concept that rocks in a funky way.

Memphis Grizzlies 2016

#2 – Although understated, the subtle designs, colours and clever typography of the NBA’s 2015 Christmas uniforms formed a stylish combination that will set the trend for future Christmas schedules.

NBA Christmas 2015

#1 – Apart from the fact that it was a brilliant idea to base these on the Hoosiers uniforms, the Pacers demonstrated that retro doesn’t always mean bland with their Hickory outfit. The contrasting colour/fabric of the shorts and the well-executed old school cut-out lettering make this a winner.

Indiana Pacers 2016

WORST – There is NO competition for this: the Washington Wizards Pride uniforms. No. no, no. There is nothing good to say about this design, and it has sleeves!

Washington Wizards 2016

As always, we’re looking forward to what the following season will bring us – although we aren’t holding our breath. With one year to go on their contract before Nike takes over for eight years, will Adidas phone it in and go through the paces?

And don’t forget we’ll be seeing sponsored jerseys from 2017-18 …

Facts in this blog referenced largely from the two leading authorities in sports uniform news  – Chris Creamer’s SportsLogos.net and Paul Lukas’ Uni-Watch.com.